Conference Center Update


April 2021 Update!


The Conference Center has been an ongoing project for several years now. Each year, we progress slightly closer to finishing the project. This year, due to our staff searching and restructuring, the Conference Center will be worked on but not be finished. The major projects on the Conference Center that need to be finished are: Cut T-111 and install under the eaves, finish the log siding, cut logs, peel logs, split logs, hang the half logs, and place the metal roofing on small porches.  We are putting the project, once again, in the Lord’s hands. He will complete it in His good timing.

If you have any questions, donations, and/or would like to volunteer, please contact me:

Steve Nelson - Camp Administrator

208-390-9840 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                         

If you are interested, here are some links to the Plot Plan, the Floor Plan, and the Outside Design Plan.


 ^ Wayne Berggren clearing tree stumps from Conference Center driveway  


^ Cornerstone Church Workgroup, Hemet, California

^ Butter Valley Church Workgroup, Bally, Pennsylvania


^ Volunteer Mobile Missionaries (VMM)

^ Inside of the Conference Center nearly finished (2018)
^ Outside of the Conference Center its starting to come together (2018)
^ Inside starting to look complete (2019)
To see more pictures of the Conference Center building project, click on this link to our           Facebook Page