Winter Youth Retreat



We hear ya, it’s been a rough year...or two! A change is in order, a day to reconnect with God, camp friends, and be energized! We are pleased to announce...(Enter stage right)...THE OFCR BLIZZARD BLITZ! Winter may be in full swing, but that won’t stop us from packing in as much CAMP as we can in 6-hours-of-non-stop-camp!!! Chapel, cabin games, a super secret verse-off (wait, I shouldn’t have said that!), prizes, seeing staff & friends, and a chance to get a spiritual recharge! Bring your Bible, a friend, and your face! The BLIZZARD BLITZ is coming!!!

What you need to do: Contact Brenda Wood to let her know you are coming (208.390.9845), so she can plan on food, prizes, and all that jazz! She’d love to know by March 13th, but if you let her know later, that’s still chill!  Just come!



Winter Youth Retreat Pictures - click HERE